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    News: Session recordings and slides are now available online.

    Date: Thursday December 8, 2016 13:30-17:00

    In the process of conducting research, data is acquired, accumulated, analyzed, reused, distributed, and often preserved. As research works are increasingly collaborative, communal generation of and access to research data is becoming an everyday practice. Research data can be sourced from individuals (as in citizen science projects), taken from the public domain (e.g. ancient manuscripts and maps), contributed by research peers and communities, generated by remote sensors, or derived and combined from various data sources and repositories. For "collaborative data projects" we refer to projects in which the collaborative production and management of data is a central component. As these data projects often face new – but exciting! – managerial, technical, economic, and legal challenges, they may need to reconfigure conventional arrangements to explore options that can lead to successful and sustainable collaborations. Project Gutenberg, OpenStreetMap, and Encyclopedia of Life, among many others, nevertheless exemplify that data in support of knowledge and research can be collaboratively produced, expertly curated, and freely shared. The purpose of this workshop is to call on the attention of the wider research community to share best practices in collaborative data projects, to discuss common issues, and to propose directions for actions.